What is Digital Rupee

What is Digital Rupee

what is digital rupee in india मैं धारक को ऑनलाइन रुपये देने का बचन देता हूँ। RBI Launches First Digital Retail Rupee Pilot December 1 2022 ,SBI, ICICI Bank and six other banks were selected to participate What is digital rupee ? According to the concept paper, the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is the official currency of the Reserve Bank of India. The regulator said the CBDC RBI, also known as the digital rupee or e-rupee, is interchangeable one-to-one with fiat currency and is identical to the country’s currency ,e-RUPI Contactless Digital Payment Platform ,or Retail E-Rupee is an electronic version of cash designed primarily for retail transactions. It is potentially available to all – the private sector, non-financial consumers and businesses – and can provide access to secure payment and settlement money because it is the direct responsibility of the central bank. Wholesale CBDCs are intended for limited access to certain financial institutions. This has the potential to make the financial transaction settlement system conducted by banks in the Government Securities (G-Sec) segment, the interbank market and the capital market more efficient and secure in terms of operational costs, use of collateral and liquidity management.

what is digital rupee in india
what is digital rupee in india

What is Digital Rupee, Main Features of Digital Rupees  e₹-R

1) CBDC is a country’s currency that is issued by central banks according to their monetary policy.
2) Recorded as a liability on the balance sheet of the central bank.
3) All individuals, businesses and government organizations must recognize it as a legal method of payment, legal tender and a safe place to keep money.
4) CBDCs are freely convertible into cash and commercial bank money.
5) CBDC holders do not need to have a bank account as this is legal money that can be exchanged.
6) CBDC is expected to reduce currency issuance costs and transaction costs.

e-RUPI Contactless Digital Payment Platform – NPCI https://www.npci.org.ine-rupi
This contactless e-RUPI is easy safe and secure as it keeps the details of the

What is e rupee ?

e₹-R will be in the form of a digital token which is legal tender. It was issued in the same denomination as the current paper and coin currency. It is distributed through intermediaries and banks

How to use e rupee?

e₹-R use via digital wallets offered by participating banks stored on mobile/device

What is digital e rupee by RBI?

The RBI previously said: “CBDC is legal tender issued by a central bank in digital form. It is the same as fiat currency and can be exchanged one to one for fiat currency. Only the shape is different.

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