Construction of six lane Greenfield Highway from Agra to Gwalior in the State of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan & Madhya Pradesh

Construction of six lane Greenfield Highway from Agra to Gwalior

आगरा से ग्वालियर को जोड़ने वाले एक्सप्रेसवे की जानिए पूरी डिटेल आगरा धौलपुर मरेना ग्वालियर आदि गांवों की लिस्ट


Construction of six lane Greenfield Highway from Agra to Gwalior in the State of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan & Madhya Pradesh. The proposed project road is part of existing section Agra-Gwalior 4 lane with paved shoulder. The existing project road stretch of Agra-Gwalior section of NH-44 is having a four-lane configuration throughout with service roads in urban sections. The project road mostly passes through plain terrain. It starts 650 metres before junction of Agra Outer Ring Road (NH-21) with NH-44 in Rohta, Agra. Then the road spans for over a length of about 95 kilometres traversing through three states of India: Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh. It terminates at few metres before start of Gwalior Bypass in Bamor, Madhya Pradesh. The above project road stretch is a part of Lot- 1/Madhya Pradesh/Package-3) ~ Variation for Preparation of DPR for Agra – Gwalior NH-44 Section.

National Highway 44 (Old NH-03)-existing Agra-Gwalior  section,   commonly   referred   to   as the Mumbai-Agra National Highway, was a major Indian National Highway that ran through the states of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra in India.

The total Proposed ROW of the project -Agra-Gwalior greenfield highway will be 60 meters

As per the Current scenario, the stretch between Agra and Gwalior is four-lane. The stretch from Gwalior via Shivpuri, Guna, Maksi up to Dewas road is now four-lane. The condition between Shivpuri and Maksi is good as it is newly being constructed. The road from Dewas to Indore is six lanes and it continues till Rau (Indore). The road from Rau (Indore) to Mumbai has four lanes but the highway passed through congested Nasik city. Now an elevated expressway of 25 km has been built to solve the problem of congestion. Stretch from Nashik to Mumbai is 4-lane Mumbai Nashik Expressway. The stretch from Pimpalgaon Bsawant – Nashik – Gondhe is 6 Lane expressways. The stretch from Padgha to Thane 8 lane is in progress.

Today, NH 44 covers the North-South Corridor of NHDP of which Agra-Gwalior section is a part is major North-South National Highway in India. It is the longest National Highway in India from Srinagar to Kanyakumari with its official running length listed over 3,745 kilometres.

The existing Agra-Gwalior Road traverses through the Agra district of Uttar Pradesh, Dholpur district of Rajasthan and Morena district of Madhya Pradesh from North-South direction. The project stretches traverses through built-up areas:

  • Rohta, Nagal Makrol, Kakua, Bad, Usra, Tehra, Saiyan and Jajau in Agra, Uttar Pradesh.
  • Shijroli, Baragaon, Ladampur, Mania, Edalpur, Dholpur in Dholpur, Rajasthan.
  • Masoodpur, Gopalpura, Sikrauda, Morena, Chonda, Naurabad, Bamor in Morena, Madhya Pradesh.
S NoItemParticulars
1.Name of the projectConstruction of six lane Greenfield Highway from Agra to Gwalior in the State of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan & Madhya Pradesh.
2.Design speed100 km/h
3.Flexible/Rigid Pavement Road Length88.430 km
six lane Greenfield Highway Agra to Gwalior
4.Starting pointCh 0+000 (204770.40 m E, 2999431.77 m N) at Agra inner ring road at DeeoiVillage, Agra district.
5.Ending pointCh-88+400 (218211.15 m E, 2914469.53 m N).   Proposed alignment end point is on Gwalior Bypass at Susera Village of Gwalior district.
6.Right of Way (ROW)60.0 m
7.Width of carriage wayCh 0+000  to  Ch 88+400: six lanes divided carriageway
8.Type of Terrain 
9.Environment and Social aspectsLand area requirement: 502.11 haForest land: 3.18 ha. (530 meter)
10.Cost Estimates, based on LAC ApprovalTotal     Capital    Cost             including Land Acquisition: INR 2497.84 Cr
11.Revenue divisions crossedNo of Villages: 75
details of six lane Greenfield Highway Agra to Gwalior

Proposed project road is passing through three tehsils viz. Agra, Fatehabad and Kheragarh in district Agra and one tehsil viz. Rajakhera in district Rajasthan and three tehsils viz. Ambah, Morena & Gwalior in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

Details of the Villages involve in the project: –

The Agra-Gwalior greenfield highway is traverses through villages like Deori, Salemabad, Kakrari, Karodhana, Phulpur, Nangla Patam, Loheta, Tor, Gohri, Babarpur, Sherpur, Sadupura, Pusenta, Darki, Mahdewa in Agra district, and Nagar, Ajeetpura, Beech ka Pura, Gainhendi, Nadoli, Dhodi ka Pura, Machariya, Pahadi, Hanumanpura, Basai Kare, Jugaipura, Farashpura, Bahari ka pura, Andwa va Pureni, Chandiyan ka Pura, Kamariyan ka Pura, Cheelpura, Bakspura in Dholpur district and Beelpur, Kuthiyana, Joha, Aisah, Lahar, Shyampur Khurd, Khurd, Dimni, Bhatahari, Sirmiti, Dongarpur Lodha, Ajnodha, Kheria Kalan, Basaiya, Kotwal, Naka, Basahari, Pilua, Biseta, Gulendra, Ranchauli, Khirawali, Ransu, Nayagaon, Gadajar, Bhakri, Pipersewa, Pinawali, Urahna, Daulsa in Morena district and Susere in the Gwalior district.


The proposed alignment starts from Ch 0+000 at Agra inner ring road near village- Deori in Agra District and ends at Ch 87+630 on Gwalior bypass near village-susera in Gwalior District. The list of roads which are being crossed by the proposed alignment and the respective chainages are given

Table: Connectivity of the proposed alignment

S No.ItemDetails
1National HighwaysNill
2State HighwaysSH 2A- Dholpur-Rajakhera Road (Ch 29+000)SH 2- Morena to Ambah Road (Ch 57+000)
3Major roadsSaiyan to Shamsabad Road (MDR-130W) (Ch 12+400)Taal-Semri-Devri Road (Ch 7+750)
4Bus StandsNill
5Railway Lines1. Agra-Fatehabad Rail Line at (Ch5+225)
6Nearest Airport2. Kheria Airport (Agra: 9.8km), Indira Gandhi National airport, Delhi from Ch 186.79 km
Connectivity of the proposed alignment of agra gwalior expressway


Summary of proposals for improvement of existing bridges and new proposed bridges / structures is given below.

S no.ParticularsTotal
2Minor Bridges4
3Major Bridges5
7Toll Plaza1
Agra to Gwalior


Total 502.11 ha. Land is required for acquisition in the entire project-Agra-Gwalior greenfield highway. Out of 502.11 ha., 110.97 ha. Land is required in district Agra, 114.57 ha. Land is required in district Dholpur, 275.49 ha. Land is required in district Morena and 1.08 ha. Land will be required in district Gwalior for Acquisition.

1.  Project Schedule and Cost Estimates

Likely date of start of construction and likely date of completion

The construction work will start after approval of DPR and Environmental Clearance from MoEF&CC which is likely to start by June 2022. The completion period is estimated of about 30 months from the start of construction.

Estimated project cost along with analysis in terms of economic viability of the project.

  • The Estimated Civil Cost Including Centages: Rs 2245.84 Cr
    • Estimated Land Acquisition Cost: Rs. 158 Cr
    • Other Pre-Construction Cost: Rs. 94 Cr
    • Total Estimated Capital Cost: Rs 2497.84 Cr
    • Civil Construction Cost (in Rs. Crores/km): Rs 25.80 Cr / km
    • Land Acquisition Cost (Rs. Crores/km): Rs 1.81 Cr / km
    • Total capital cost, including the pre-construction cost (Rs. Crores/km): Rs 28.70 Cr/km
Project Proponent National Highway Authority of India      DPR Consultant LEA Associates South Asia Pvt ltd. B-1, E-27, Mohan Cooperative Industrial Estate Mathura Road, New Delhi-110044, India T | 91-11-2697 3950-52,
DPR Company Detais
ग्वालियर-आगरा के बीच बनेगा नया ग्रीनफ़ील्ड एक्सप्रेसवे 

Name of the Agra Gwalior Expressway project

six lane Greenfield Highway

Agra Gwalior Expressway Road Length

88.430 km

Starting point of Agra Gwalior Expressway

Deori Village, Agra district Up

Ending point of Agra Gwalior Expressway

Gwalior Bypass at Susera Village of Gwalior district

Cost Estimates, based on LAC
Approval of Agra Gwalior Expressway

Total  Capital Cost  including Land Acquisition: INR 2497.84 Cr

Revenue divisions crossed Agra Gwalior Expressway

No of Villages: 75

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